Board Game Clubs


Mensa Czechia supports primary and secondary schools in their efforts to establish Board Game Clubs. Teachers at some schools would like to set up new club, but do not have enough time or capacities to explain the new extracurricular activity to pupils/students. Other teachers are not familiar with many board games, but would like to set up board game clubs anyway. In such circumstances, Mensa Czechia can organize a Games Day at the school premises.

Although Board Game Clubs are focused on playing board games, their activities often go far beyond this: many of these clubs provide a convenient option for leisure time activities, as well as an opportunity to make new friends. In many cases, Board Game Clubs are open to all children – not just gifted ones – interested in board games, logic games, ciphers, brain teasers and quizzes. Some of the clubs are run under the patronage of primary schools (and those are only intended for their pupils), while others are independent, and open to the general public.

A few examples of Czech board game clubs co-operating with Mensa are given in the left menu. Please note that a comprehensive overview of all of them is currently only available in the Czech version of this website.

The following map shows the current distribution of all Board Game Clubs supported by Mensa in the Czech Republic.