Schools co-operating with Mensa


... Mensa Czechia is the founder of the Mensa Grammar School in Prague - the only secondary school in the Czech Republic which is focused on the education of gifted students?

Mensa Czechia awards the title of “School Co-operating with Mensa” to primary and secondary schools which pay more attention to gifted children than is usual in most other schools in the Czech Republic. Necessary conditions to be met by all schools co-operating with Mensa are listed below.

Introductory provisions

  • Co-operation with Mensa Czechia can be established after all of the below-mentioned conditions are met.
  • Co-operation between Mensa Czechia and a school cannot be of a commercial nature.
  • The title of “School Co-operating with Mensa” is not an automatic entitlement, and can be revoked at any time.

Mandatory conditions

  • Creating conditions for the education of gifted children.
  • Allowing IQ tests to be arranged at the school by authorized members of Mensa Czechia in two-year intervals.
  • Participating in the Logical Olympiad each year.
  • Putting a link to the website of Mensa Czechia on the school website.
  • Informing pupils/students of Mensa activities (particularly on the school notice board and on the school website).
  • Maintaining an up-to-date presentation of the school at the website.
  • Sending a report on co-operation with Mensa Czechia each year.
  • Spreading the good name of Mensa Czechia.

Recommended activities

  • Establishing and running a Gifted Children’s Club or a Board Game Club.
  • Participating in conferences, seminars, and courses organized by Mensa Czechia.
  • Identifying and supporting gifted children.
  • Educating teachers about gifted children.
  • Organizing events aimed at intellect development.

Any school co-operating with Mensa Czechia is entitled to:

  • use the title “School Co-operating with Mensa” in its PR materials,
  • publish events organized by the school and aimed at intellect development on the website of Mensa Czechia,
  • obtain a copy of each issue of Mensa Czechia magazine,
  • get the latest information about activities organized by Mensa Czechia,
  • get counselling on its activities aimed at intellect development.
Last updated on 13 January 2013

A few examples of Czech schools co-operating with Mensa are given in the left menu. Please note that a comprehensive overview of all of them is currently only available in the Czech version of this website.

The following map shows the current distribution of all schools co-operating with Mensa Czechia.