Mensa Czechia

Mensa is the international society of people whose IQ ranks within the top two per cent of the population (i.e., over 130). Mensa Czechia provides its more than 4,000 members with intellectual stimulation through special interest groups, regional and national meetings, field trips, etc.

Activities of Mensa Czechia include publishing an own magazine (in Czech), running a grammar school for gifted children in Prague, organizing the Logical Olympiad contest and Mensa NTC project for kindergartens, as well as Gifted Children’s Clubs and IQ testing for the public, and general support of the development of gifted children throughout the Czech Republic. The most significant benefit enjoyed by participants of the Mensa events is a friendly environment and an inspiring atmosphere.

More detailed information about Mensa, its events, testing, and about intelligence in general can be found on (external website, currently only available in Czech language).

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