About this website

deti.mensa.cz website (Czech version)

A website focused on activities organized by Mensa Czechia for gifted youth was launched in November 2012. The Czech version of the deti.mensa.cz. website offers a comprehensive overview of all Gifted Children’s Clubs, NTC Kindergartens, Board Game Clubs, Schools Co-operating with Mensa, as well as interesting articles, calendar of events and photogallery, to mention just the most interesting topics. Each co-operating club or school is entitled to update information about itself and about planned events, write articles dealing with gifted children’s issues, or publish photos. Parents of (not only) gifted children are the main target group of this website: Mensa Czechia aims to facilitate their search for suitable activities in their region. Parents can sign up to thematic newsletters or view photos or documents that are only available to specified groups of users. The contents of the website are continuously updated in order to meet the needs of gifted children and their families.

The English version of the deti.mensa.cz website has been proofread by Dr. Leigh Mitchell MsD (http://www.uanglana.cz).

URL URL: http://deti.mensa.cz (full version of the website is available in the Czech language only)