How you can help us

Would you like to financially assist with Mensa’s activities for gifted children? Mensa is a non-profit organization, run predominantly by member-volunteers. Despite this immense help, there are still overhead costs, such as correspondence, phone charges, rental, etc.

If you decide to support us financially, please email us at:, and we will get in touch. You can choose which activities will be supported by your gift, be it a particular event or a field of activities. A separate area calling for support is the annual Logical Olympiad, which can be supported, besides financial means, by donating prizes.

Lists of contributors are published on the website, as well as in the Mensa magazine and annual reports; individual agreements facilitating additional means of presentation are available on request.

How are the means acquired as donations or grants spent?

Mensa uses such funding to:

  • organize events for gifted children; the programme of such events is designed to develop their intellectual and social abilities, and to support their particular interests,
  • support schools accenting the development of gifted children, organize lectures for their teachers, and to help in the acquisition of suitable teaching materials; Mensa also operates a Mensa Grammar School for gifted children in Prague,
  • organize events for both members and the general public, supporting the utilization of intellectual capacities and broadening their horizons,
  • diagnose gifts and talent in children (including cases where neither the school nor the child’s nearest and dearest people can recognize it)
  • organize contests for children, such as the Logical Olympiad, founding board game clubs, Gifted Children’s Clubs, and organizing Games Days for children,
  • fund expert analyses and studies,
  • fund the website

Logical Olympiad Support

The Logical Olympiad is a contest addressing children and youth who are not afraid of using their own brains. The key for succeeding in this contest lies in one’s abilities to think independently, and to make quick decisions, not in the knowledge acquired by learning. Any assistance that any partners can provide to support this contest is always welcome and much appreciated. The long-lasting popularity of the contest among children, schools, the general public, and the media is the best proof of the merit of the project. If you are interested in becoming a partner of the contest, contributing to the budget of the contest (in particular to the prizes for competitors), please contact us at: