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The Universities Project: support for gifted Czech students

7.5.2018 The Kellner Family Foundation | More information...

The Kellner Family Foundation helps Czech gifted students pay costs associated with their studies, especially at foreign universities. This year, 61 students were awarded grants. The grant applications for the next academic year must be submitted by 31st May, 2018.

A weekend on gifted children

27.2.2017 | More information...

During the weekend from 24th to 26th February 2017, Mensa CR organized, in Hotel Astra in Prague, a weekend full of lectures, workshops, and discussions on the topic of gifted children.

Supporting Gifted Children for the Future

9.2.2017 Tomáš Blumenstein, Martin Sedláček | More information...

Supporting Gifted Children for the Future is a project of Mensa CR for increasing the awareness of talent at primary schools of the Czech Republic. It’s tailor-suited for primary school principals and their deputies.

What did Mensa CR do for children in 2015?

10.12.2015 Dana Havlová | More information...

A brief summary of Children’s Mensa activities in 2015.

Mensa Czech Republic: Activities for gifted children

1.12.2015 Tomáš Blumenstein, Lenka Šnajdrová | More information...

Mensa is a non-profit organization open to people who score at the 98th percentile or higher on a standardized and supervised IQ test. It has over 130.000 members in a hundred countries worldwide. Mensa CR, the Czech national organization, provides intellectual stimulation through hobby groups, local and nationwide meetings, lectures, excursions, and particularly through a friendly environment to its more than 4000 members, as well as to the public. Mensa CR supports the development of gifted children throughout the entire Czech Republic, runs the Mensa NTC for kindergartens project, co-operates with schools, organizes Gifted Children’s Clubs, and even a Logical Olympiad contest. Mensa CR also runs the Mensa Grammar School in Prague. The entire range of Mensa CR activities aimed at gifted children can be found on the website (the website has been only partially translated to English). a website for teachers and parents of gifted children

15.6.2015 Lenka Šnajdrová | More information...

By the beginning of November 2012, Mensa CR managed to launch a new website, predominantly targeting parents and teachers of gifted students – the website. As the statistics show, the website has become increasingly popular over the years. In this article, I would like to briefly outline the Children’s Mensa website content.

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