Map of activities for gifted children in the Czech Republic

The following map shows the current distribution of all NTC Kindergartens, Gifted Children’s Clubs, Schools Co-operating with Mensa, and Board Game Clubs in the Czech Republic. Use the navigation tools in the upper right corner of the map to explore what activities for gifted children are available at a given region of the Czech Republic. Move the mouse cursor over a pin of your interest and click to confirm your choice. Basic information about the selected club, school etc. will be displayed, accompanied with its address. More detailed information about each facility is only available in the Czech language.


pin Mensa NTC Project for kindergartens (78)

pin Gifted children's clubs (61)

pin schools cooperating with Mensa (100)

pin Mensa games clubs (12)

pin multiple activities in the same place (e.g. school, kindergarten and club, or any other combination)