Logical Olympiad

Logical Olympiad 2012: the finals

The Logical Olympiad is a competition in logic tasks intended for children and young people from all over the Czech Republic. Unlike various mathematical or knowledge-based competitions, the Logical Olympiad is based solely on the participants’ ability to think logically. The tasks are based on general principles, and no special knowledge is required to solve them; the only prerequisite is common sense, along with logical and correct judgment. As the Logical Olympiad is not a knowledge-based competition, even pupils who do not have much success in traditional school subjects can stand out. The identification of hidden talents is one of the benefits of this competition.

The Logical Olympiad has been regularly organized since 2008, and has gradually developed into its present form: while the basic round is held on-line, semifinals (held in all 14 Czech regions) and the ceremonial final round (in Prague) require the personal attendance of participants.

Since 2011, the Logical Olympiad has been offered at three levels of difficulty, depending on school grades:

  • Category A: Primary schools, grades 2 to 5
  • Category B: Primary schools, grades 6 to 9 (or corresponding grades at six-year or eight-year grammar schools, i.e. grades 1 to 2 of six-year grammar schools and grades 1 to 4 of eight-year grammar schools)
  • Category C: Secondary schools, all types and grades (or corresponding grades at six-year or eight-year grammar schools, i.e. grades 3 to 6 of six-year grammar schools and grades 4 to 8 of eight-year grammar schools). Only full-time students are allowed to participate. The maximum age of participants has been set at 20 years.

Two new age categories were added in 2015, MS for pre-school children and A1 for 1st year of primary school. We consider it very important to help identify the giftedness in very early age. Tasks for both new categories are non-verbal, basic round (concept is the same as for other categories) is followed only by regional rounds in selected districts.

URL URL: http://www.logickaolympiada.cz (the website is currently only available in the Czech language)

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