Mensa příměstský camp Praha – srpen 2016

Jelikož všechny naše děti milují hry, přišlo nám jako dobrý nápad přihlásit se na tábor Mensy. Nakonec byl ale zážitek z tábora tak silný, že se to ukázalo být nápadem skvělým. Posuďte z reakce nejstaršího synka...

Miron Ilinčev
1.8.2016, 8:30  —  5.8.2016, 15:00
Mensa gymnázium, o.p.s., Španielova 1111/19, 163 00 Praha, Řepy

It seemed like a dream come true to me when I murmured 'yes' to my parents to enroll me in a camp of Games. I mean, what could be better?

The board game camp that I went to over the summer was simply amazing. I totally loved how we could just play games all day (soccer included!). The teachers were great, helping us and showing us how to play new games, as well as giving us delicious food and snacks (I couldn't stop with the cookies). I learned 3 games alone in the first day of camp! I look forward to playing more of the games such as Citadela, 6Bere, and more with my new friends. It's really too bad that I can't go to Board Game Camp every day, maybe as school. Yeah, it is that good.

Overall, I was completely engrossed in this stunning camp and am eagerly waiting for next summer to have TONS more fun!

Šimon Ilinčev, 9 let

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